Lund's B Bar Angus

Welcome to the Lunds B Bar Angus Ranch website.

We recognize our great responsibility in raising quality seed-stock Angus for you. We also know you want to add pounds to your calves yet not have your cow size increase, and to have cows with maternal ability and fertility. We hope that what you find on this website will be interesting and workable for your herd. Thank you for taking a look. We appreciate all the people who have supported our program for the last 58 years. Remember our motto is "Seek the Balance".

If you have seen something that interests you on this website, please give us a call or e-mail. It would be a privilege to be able to visit with you.



Lund's B Bar Angus Ranch Annual Bull Sale will be at 1pm * Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Selling 90 Bulls

(20 Heifer Calves For Sale By Private Treaty)

2017 video of the bulls at:

Lund's B Bar Angus Ranch 2016 Bull Sale Results

  • 85 yearling Angus bulls averaged $4,832.

  •          TOP SELLING BULLS

1.  Lot #357 a B Bar Windy 7 son sold for $12,000 to Millar Angus, Sturgis, SD and Garrigan Land & Livestock, DuPree, SD

  • 2.  Lot #900 an Identity son, sold for $9,250 to Brent Thiel, Isabel, SD

  • 3.  Lot #302 a B Bar Windy 7 son sold for $8,750 to Todd Meccage, Baker, MT

  • 4.  Lot #396 a Churchill son sold for $8,000 to Regency Acres, Lambert, MT

  • 5.  Lot #122 an Upward son and Lot # =85 a Regency son both sold for $7,750 to Wolff & Sons, Lindsay, MT and Keltner Ranch, Terry, MT respectively.


  • 3 head B Bar Identity bulls avg $7250

  • 13 head B Bar Windy 7 bulls avg $6038 

  • 5 B Bar Regency bulls avg $5300

  • 6 B Bar Upward bulls avg $5083

  • 4 B Bar Platinum bulls avg $4875 

  • 24 B Bar Churchill bulls avg $4688

  • 1 B Bar Alliance (7164) bull avg $4500

    10 B Bar Impression bulls avg $4375

    5 B Bar (Indreland) Alliance bulls avg $4350

    2 B Bar Bushwacker bulls avg $4125

    3 B Bar (Hilltop) Rainmaker bulls avg $4083

    9 B Bar (960) Rainmaker bulls avg $3528


  • Thank you to all who came to bid, buy, and all those who helped us to host our Annual Lund's  B Bar Bull Sale!

  • Please make plans to attend next year's sale, Lord willing, on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 1 p.m.