About Us

Steve & Melanie Lund Family

Lund's B Bar Angus Ranch, started in 1957, is a third generation in the registered seed-stock Angus business. Located in eastern Montana 30 minutes south of Interstate 94 running through Wibaux, you may get to our ranch by traveling south on Hwy 7 to the Carlyle Road turning east for three to five miles. Visitors are always welcome.

Lund Mom & four chlidren

Since the beginning when our herd was started, the selection has been for deep chested, easy keeping cattle. The majority of our cows are a 6 frame package. Good udders and good feet are essential because we require our cattle to travel for their spring, summer, and fall grass. On the occasional open winter we require the same, but typically due to horizontal flying snow and flat rolling hills, we feed grass hay. Culling cattle is the best part of our job. Poor feet, poor udder, production, disposition, confirmation, mentality, is whatever will send that cow to town - hence our motto to always "Seek the Balance."

Ethel Lund

Ethel Lund

Our annual precipitation is around 13 inches of moisture. We have a small grains operation to complement the ranching operation. We try to grow almost all our own feed for our bulls and replacement heifers, and put up all our own hay.

Rob and Kara married October 2014

This operation is family run with family members only.  Mother Ethel, Rob & Kara, Steve & Melanie and children Bob, Cooper, and Hope all pitch in to help with the day to day operation of the ranch. We have an annual production sale that we sell around 90 bulls each year on the 4th Saturday in March in Baker, Montana, at the Bull Palace located on the north side of town on Hwy 7.

Lund's B Bar Angus Ranch Annual Bull Sale 1pm * Saturday, March 25th, 2023

Selling 90 Bulls


Thank you to all who came to our 2022 bull sale!  We appreciate each and every one of you.  Thank you also to the bidders and buyers. We pray that the bulls who were purchased will bless and prosper your herd.   


We are so very grateful for this way of life.  You are the salt of the earth.  We will continue to pray that God would guide, protect, and direct us all in our lives and livestock decisions.  2022 is the year of  God's Open Hand, and we have certainly experienced it in our friendships and the blessings He has graciously poured out upon us.


"You open Your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing. The LORD is righteous in all His ways and faithful in all He does." 

               Psalm 145:16-17


2022 B Bar Sale Results:

 88 bulls at $5750


Top selling herd sire group averages: 

20 sons of B Bar Black Mass averaged $7288

20 B Bar Resilients average $6888

15 B Bar Renos averaged $5083

B Bar Righteous sons average $4625.


Top sellers:


Lot 79 B Bar Black Mass ons purchased by Echo Valley Angus, Scranton, ND for $21,000

Lot 710 B Bar Black Mass son purchased by Millar Angus of Sturgis, SD and Shane Grubl of Red Owl, SD for $20,000


Lot 71 B Bar Black Mass purchased by Charles & Rosalie Tennis, Vale, SD for $15,000


Lot 912 B Bar Homestretch son purchased by Keltner Ranch, Terry, MT for $13,500


Lot 069 B Bar Resilient purchased by Kolberg, Inc., Glendive, MT for $10,500


While these are the top sellers, EVERY PERSON who came is important and valued!  We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you.